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History of our Heirloom Hurricane Candles

Hurricane candles have been in existence for years, but only recently are people discovering the versatility they possess. Originally, the intent was to bring the concept of hurricane candles to the forefront of the marketplace by marketing these candles to florists and gift shops and at trade shows around the country.

However, as word of these unique and beautiful candles traveled, our customers found us and began to bring us flowers to dry from weddings and family funerals. The demand for these custom-designed wedding and memorial candles became so great, that we were able to focus solely on those personal markets, and our work has spread around the country.

In addition to our custom-made hurricane candles, we offer a popular collection of candles that are individually handcrafted and available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Whatever the reason, when only an original creation can truly capture the memory of your occasion, we can handcraft an Heirloom Candle that is custom-designed just for you.

Hurricane candles are a candle making variation that creates a shell of wax that you insert a custom-sized replaceable fuel cell into. When the fuel cell is out, just insert another cell and enjoy the candle again. At CandleLit Memories we preserve flowers from weddings, funeral services or any special or memorable occasion and professionally arrange them within the wax walls of our heirloom hurricane candles. Our mission is to turn your memories into works of art that can be enjoyed by you for years to come.

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