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Memorial Heirloom Hurricane Candles

At CandleLit Memories we create one-of-a-kind hurricane candles using flowers that we preserve from funeral services. Our memorial candles are unique in every way. They can be lit, but will never burn away and will last and and last!
  • We dry the flowers that you choose from your loved ones service and arrange them within the wax walls of your Memorial Candle.
  • A custom-sized replaceable fuel cell is placed on the floor of the wax shell. When the wick is lit, the shell and flowers are fully illuminated. Electric lights are also available.
  • Inherently versatile as a container, your Memorial Candle may also be used as a vase which will hold water and fresh flowers.
  • CandleLit Memories can also add a beautifully inscribed gold name plate on the wooden base that holds your memorial candle in loving memory of your loved one.
  • Your loved one's picture may also be inserted into the candles.
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